Newbridge Graduate Institute

Accelerate Academy

NewBridge Accelerate Academy

The exclusive Accelerate Academy equips every NewBridge Graduate Institute, formerly known as Centurion Academy, student with the skills and insights required to adapt and thrive as you pursue your passions. The Accelerate Academy includes personal and professional development alongside specialist programmes in humanities, leadership, entrepreneurship and technology, giving you the tools to make the most of your educational journey and to follow a prosperous career and life path.

You will gain the following:

  1. Personal and professional development programme
  2. An introduction to international short learning programmes offered by leading online platforms such as edX and Coursera
  3. Knowledge and guidance on finding part-time work opportunities in order to develop work readiness skills

The Accelerate Academy develops pertinent skillsets, giving you the ability to effectively evolve throughout your career, ensuring you remain relevant in the workplace