Newbridge Graduate Institute

Diploma in Nature Management


3-Year Diploma

SAQA ID: 62690 | NQF LEVEL: 6 | CREDITS: 364



The Nature Management Diploma is designed to equip you with knowledge of, and competence in, the application of modern management principles in the field of nature management. You will be trained to become proficient managers and management assistants with competence in several aspects of nature management. This will enable you to contribute to the responsible utilisation of the country’s natural resources for sustained economic and environmental benefit. After qualifying, you will be able to independently carry out essential tasks, make decisions and solve problems in the fields of game ranch management, reserve management and in other natural environments.

Who Should Enroll For This Programme?

Individuals who:

  • Feel passionate about South Africa’s rich natural heritage and want to pursue a career in which they can contribute to protecting and managing this heritage
  • Want to be involved in managing game ranches and other natural environments.
  • Are involved in nature conservation and want to obtain a formal qualification


NSC (National Senior Certificate) (Gr 12) with admission to Diploma studies or NC (National Certificate) (Vocational) with the minimum requirements for entrance to Diploma studies, as specified by UMALUSI, and with a minimum of 40% in the language of instruction as well as 40% in Mathematics or 70% in Mathematical Literacy AND

  • A minimum of 40% in the following subjects: Life Science, Physical Science, Agricultural Science
  • OR 40% in 2 of the above and 50% in 1 other subject (excluding Life Orientation)
  • OR 40% in 1 of the above and 50% in 2 other subjects (excluding Life Orientation)
  • OR 50% in any 3 subjects (excluding Life Orientation)
  • OR a Higher Certificate in Nature Management
  • OR a Higher Certificate in Nature Management PLUS 7 months registered experience-based learning
  • OR 24 months of relevant work experience (subject to interview)


Year 1

  • Life Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Game Ranch Principles
  • Plant Science/ Physiology
  • Conservation Development
  • Animal Science
  • Ecology
  • Game Ranch Management
  • Soil Science

Year 2

  • Animal Studies
  • Environmental Management
  • Veld Assessment/ Practices
  • Animal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Conservation Communication
  • Game Ranch Management
  • Conservation Development
  • Lodge Management
  • Wildlife Diseases

Year 3

  • Animal Management
  • Veld Management
  • Game Ranch Management
  • Human Dimension
  • Workplace-Based Learning

NOTE:  NewBridge Graduate Institute reserves the right to make changes to the programme syllabus and admission requirements in accordance with legislative prescriptions, without prior notification and without furnishing reasons therefore.

Additional Courses

  • Field Guide (FGASA) • Wilderness First Aid • Wildlife Rescue • Rifle Competency
  • 4×4 Driving • Professional Hunter • Snake Identification and Handling

Work Integrated Learning

Throughout the first two years, you will receive the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge practically. You will attend various camps and excursions where practical assessments are done to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your work. This also gives you the opportunity to build relationships with various role-players in the industry. In your third year, you will spend 10 months on a game ranch or nature reserve of your choice, where you will be required to complete various assignments. This forms part of your work integrated learning.

Career Opportunities

  • Game Ranch Manager
  • Game Capture and Transport
  • Game Ranger
  • Animal Rehabilitation and Breeding
  • Nature and Wildlife Guide
  • Nature Conservationist